The latest Multiple Sclerosis information on treatments, legislation, companies and people. These MS bulletins are a mixture of educational and entertainment links to stories from preeminent and creditable worldwide information providers.

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December 05, 2022 – 9 celebrities with multiple sclerosis who have opened up about the disease

November 16, 2022 – Michelle Obama’s new book puts a spotlight on multiple sclerosis and her father’s late diagnosis

November 15, 2022 – Christina Applegate’s early MS symptoms make it clear that the disease can be mistaken for everyday aches.

October 05, 2022 – Emma Caulfield Shared She Has Been Keeping Her MS A Secret For More Than A Decade

October 05, 2022 – Paralympic gold medalist with MS says people say she is ‘faking’ her disability because it’s not visible

September 19, 2022 – Selma Blair Says ‘DWTS’ Is A ‘New Chapter’ In Her Multiple Sclerosis Journey

September 16, 2022 – ‘Blinking Guy’ uses his meme fame to raise money for multiple sclerosis research

August 07, 2022 – My ‘ear infection’ symptoms turned out to be early signs of multiple sclerosis

August 05, 2022 – ‘I’m still one of the fastest in the world’: Lina Nielsen opens up on battle with multiple sclerosis

August 03, 2022 – Lina Nielsen: British 400m hurdler reveals multiple sclerosis diagnosis before Commonwealths debut

August 03, 2022 – Nurse thought multiple sclerosis symptoms were due to new job stress

August 02, 2022 – My ‘Ear Infection’ Symptoms Turned Out to Be Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

July 08, 2022 – What These Influencers Want You to Know About Multiple Sclerosis

July 08, 2022 – Living With MS: ‘That Was the Week That Was’ Truly Awful

July 07, 2022 – I’m pinching myself: Briton living with MS makes CrossFit world final