Up In Smoke

Smoking medical marijuana relieves MS symptoms.

My husband and I recently saw a headline in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that read, “Smoking medical marijuana could help relieve some symptoms of multiple sclerosis”. I instantly began dreaming of buying a new house in California next to Montel’s medical marijuana dispensary.

The study found that people with M.S. who smoked cannabis have experienced decreased pain and spasticity. While, thank God, I don’t suffer from any pain, I do endure unbelievable spasticity and clonus in my legs. Sometimes they are stiff like planks of wood. While other times they shake uncontrollably. I currently treat this with muscle relaxers, so I began thinking, “Weed effects can’t be any worse on my body than prescription pills? Lets do this!”

Then reality (i.e. my husband) spoke up as he continued reading and revealed some bad news. People who smoked the study’s cannabis had decreased cognitive functioning and scored low on tests that measured their focus. This result was supported by an earlier study in the journal, Neurology, which also showed Multiple Sclerosis patients who smoked medical marijuana have a doubled risk of developing cognitive impairments. While I would love to improve my spasticity, I can’t afford for my cognition to get any worse. Some of my main issues have been with my inability to track conversations, general confusion and memory.

I suppose I should be happy because this may pave the way for continued studies. Hopefully they will examine whether different doses can result in similar beneficial effects with decreased impact to cognition.

But for now my cannabis cure-all dreams have gone up in smoke.

Montel Juice

I was actually feeling bad about not blogging this week yet.
Then a fellow blogger reminded me this is a no stress gig! An avenue to communicate within the sphere!

I have truly been sick since last week. I had news to tell you, but I still didn’t post! Go figure that one. Well anyway my talk with the physicians went great! I felt like my old self(flashback).

I had notes. I had an introduction! But most of all, I had an audience that was attentive and receptive. They even asked questions afterwards. In fact, by the end of 45 minutes, the session had become mutually beneficial. I felt as if I owed someone a 20 dollar co-pay! I certainly didn’t expect that one.

I have gastro paresis. It’s secondary to MS of course. But as it so happens the last week or so I have been vomiting every thing I eat. Gross. I know. I apologize. Bear with me. As far as I know there is no definitive cure for this. (Surprise. Surprise.) Every 6 months it seems it will starts acting up. You’ll see me rolling around with my little bucket in hand. Family members are quick to

The culprit

ask, “Why do…?” and then as they remember they’ll promptly say, “Ohhhh!!,” while taking a small step backwards. It’s very cute to watch.

As to avoid dehydration, I’ve been drinking like crazy. My newest hobby is blending everything

This should go down better.

into a smoothie of sorts. Enter the Montel Williams Health Master. The only problem is it’s nearly 300 bucks!!!!! I will have to save up for that so until then I got a knock off. The smoothie I’m drinking now is Granny Smith apple, carrots, and nectarines! Sounds horrible, right? Well it tastes better than it sounds. Hmmm. I may need to add a little more water.

Well, cooking was never my strong suit. Perhaps I can turn things around with this blending thing I got going on?