Now, that I’m content here in our apartment home with my husband.  I can’t help but to wonder: Now what?

For a longtime I’ve been satisfied with viewing my rehabilitory excursions as “work.” In all sense of the word, it very much is. After all, after I finish my 10-minute elliptical workout I am nearly done for the day! In fact, my husband escorts me to and from the gym in my handy wheelchair!

He wheels me there to conserve my energy for the gym. That makes sense… I guess. Then afterwards, I lower my head in tears and succumb to the dreaded wheelchair escort back to the apartment. Now, that’s what usually saddens me. How can I explain it? Hmmm I suppose it feels like the ultimate reality check the disciples faced after the Transfiguration on the mountaintop in Luke 9: 28-36.  For 10 minutes I actually use my iPod and headphones!

Earlier, I convinced him I was ready to do the elliptical and afterwards use my forearm crutches to make it back to the apartment. He naively agreed. Needless to say after the workout I could only make a few steps on my crutches before I slide down to the floor! As I quietly sat on the floor, Tom ran back to the apartment, got my wheelchair and rescued me! I had never been so happy to see that darn wheelchair! So now he wheels me to and from with no resistance from me. Only, a snotty sideways glare. It was the very best I could muster.

I think my next struggle is going to be this new way of treating multiple sclerosis. It’s completely contrary to how we have historically been treating MS. Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI). It’s controversial and not covered by insurance. But then again, why would it be? It’s brand new. Well, my cohorts assert. It should be. It works and “I” don’t have time to wait!!!!!

It takes me longer to untangle the headphones than an actually workout!

The rolling walker with a basket!

The wheelchair.

The Forearm crutches that afford a little independence.