It seems these days I am going from one doctor’s appointment to the next. It’s like my doctor visits have become my social life. Just like when I’m going out, each and every time I visit my doctors I dress my best. I pick out my cutest outfit and even take extra time to make sure my hair is combed nicely. I always put on a smile and I make sure my scooter is clean which usually receives a lot of attention. The scooter tends to impress others more than me.

Well, this week I was more busy than usual. My appointments were:

Monday- Urologist
Tuesday- Physical Therapist
Wednesday- General Practitioner
Thursday- Psychiatrist
Friday – Optometrist

That’s right a doctor’s appointment everyday!

I didn’t even realize this until my husband mentioned it to me. The worse part is, after every appointment, I’m usually wiped out. So much that I’m so tired I can’t do anything else. Done for the day. So my only activity outside of the home everyday for five days in a row was going to the doctor.

The funny part is, when I got home from my doctor appointments I would watch The Dr. Oz television show. I wonder if I was subliminally drawn to watch it?