“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last weekend was our 11th wedding anniversary as well as my 39th birthday. One big ball of milestones headed directly towards me. The end of an era. My 30s to be exact while also the celebration of a wonderful partnership with my husband.

The plan was to head downtown. Stay overnight at a hotel and get something to eat. Everything was going great and then came dinner.

Have you ever eaten snow crabs?

Have you seen them before?

Well I have, but sometimes I have selective memory. I forgot how hard it is to eat them. First off, I could not crack the crab. So instead, I pulled each leg off causing juice to fly all over me. Keep in mind that I have problems with fine motor skills. It’s hard for me to button my shirts and hold things. But for some reason I thought I could conquer these crabs.

After I failed at my attempt to eat the crabs, I saw that my table was a mess and I was covered from head to toe with crabmeat. But I was still determined to have a nice dinner. Thank goodness we were at a buffet, so I did have other choices of food. To help out our waitress, I cleaned my immediate surroundings then I politely picked up another plate and started over with a different entrée. So the dinner was not a total loss.

FYI, I did leave a nice tip.