Not too long ago I mentioned that I was entertaining the idea of a MS medication change. Well, we’ve weighed the risks and finally pin-pointed the direction we are moving in.  One of the latest things out there: the pill for MS. Since it is so new I will chart my journey with you and let you know how I’m doing. Per chance I may even dare to walk again!

At this point my husband would usually tell me to calm down. In this particular case it just so happens that may be easier than normal because, although I’ve done all I need to do on my end, the medication still hasn’t come in yet. If you know how anal I am, you probably would feel sorry for my neurologist’s nurse. I now think she has caller ID because they don’t seem to be returning my phone calls anymore! Well, at least not as promptly as I deem appropriate. I hope she isn’t reading this! By the way she is very nice. I just found a way around this. I can email my doctor!


I call the nurse. No answer. I email the doctor. Problem solved.

Well not really… after all I still don’t have the medication! So I’m in between medicines. I have more fatigue and weakness than usual. Inevitably with my fatigue there are irritability, depression and esteem issues tagging along. My brain is foggy and to top it off and I think I’m gaining weight!

But low and behold today I’m feeling pretty good. That’s the thing with this bloody disease. Today could be an entirely different picture than yesterday. It can be a picture worth sharing.

I came across an excellent comment from David “ Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves, but with MS I have to remember that the new me is just different and damaged. But, certainly not broken and worthless.”

End Of Rope

Those are great words to live by. I try to remember them but lately I’ve been hanging on by a string and I feel I’m just damaged…that’s all.