Day in and day out you can find me at home on my laptop. I admit, I do get out a lot more than most but sometimes I’m still just so restless. Often, to be quite honest with you, I’m plain old bored. I can’t believe I have the nerve to say that. I sound so ungrateful an entitled.

I don’t have the energy for most things so it becomes tricky. I don’t really like going out and rolling in my wheelchair amongst “walkers” and there is only so much daytime TV a girl can handle. Besides I don’t even like the soap operas. Dang, from reading this I sound like a real drab person. I promise you I’m not. Just bored.

My MS is just so limiting. Now, I must figure out what I can do. I just wish there was somewhere I could hang out during the weekdays. A location that is similar to an adult day care place. Well actually that’s exactly what I mean. Most centers only take ages 55 and older. Nothing I’ve come across really applies to a 37 year old vibrant young lady that happens to have MS. It’s funny because I attend a gym that is located next to an assisted living community where I do feel quite comfortable. At least when I visit there I do feel at home. The gym has mostly elderly members getting around with walkers. I feel like a star with my scooter. Now, how can I get more MSers in town to come?

But I guess if that’s my biggest problem then I must be doing pretty good. Maybe I will look into those adult day care places after all.