I read in the blogosphere, if you want to change the world…change yourself -Riding the tiger. Hmmm. What a way of shifting responsibility!!
Though, I’m still in mourning of the Oprah Winfrey Show ending, I want to get myself together for just a minute to notify you of my recent unexpected opportunity.

Oh,but first, in a previous post, Flaky Layers, I compared my acceptance of MS to peeling back layers of a biscuit. My head therapist blessed the idea, she agreed with the analogy. Then, her knowing me so well, asked if I could speak with some new physicians about my experiences living with a chronic illness!!!!!!!!!!

She may as well put rocket boosters beneath my wheelchair because I thought for sure I was about to fly through the roof! I was so flattered and excited, but ready!

When? How long? Where? Do you need a PowerPoint?

I was extremely excited and ready to share. I later told her I gave renowned presentations in my former career. I educated nurses in local hospitals. In college I worked as a motivational speaker for young girls in my local community. I love that kind of stuff! For a split second I felt like declaring to the world, “I’m back!”

She clarified no PPT was needed. It would be 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, we would have our normal session. Great. No need for two trips out there.

In Oprah’s last broadcast she said the show had been her platform to share her gift. If you don’t know your gift maybe it’s your charge to figure it out? We all have gifts, just maybe not the same stage on which to put it forward, but put it forward wherever you are.

Okay, now I have to go and prepare my presentation for these doctors Tuesday.

I’ll work on myself next week!