My last post was angry and sassy. I have to be mindful of the energy I’m releasing into the world. That being said I did have a nice time at the parade and would do it all over again!

What I want to touch upon today is …shit! I’ve been searching for a progressive outlook towards Multiple Sclerosis that will transport me to the next level of acceptance. I think I’ve found it!

In times of pure angst, we cry “Why, Why, Why”? I’ve learned from a seminar that ”why” is not the question or the point at all! Multiple Sclerosis is here to stay for me. The question is: What am I going to do about it? You can find the positive in any disaster if you dig deep. This seems hard to grasp, right? Let me explain.

Earlier, I complained MS was infringing on the core of me. The truth is MS is only a PART of me. It’s not the whole of me! The thing I can do about it is harness the other 75% of me, the portion that is unaffected by MS. The part that adores learning and speaking Spanish (I’ve been studying it for 10 years!) The fraction that likes helping others, learning, reading, writing, and making them laugh! (I briefly volunteered in the food bank at my church St Camillus Catholic Church of Silver Spring, Maryland). The piece that likes exercising. (Though lately with modifications.) If I didn’t have this opportunity to make the most of these benevolent aspects of me untouched by MS….I wouldn’t. Or at least it wouldn’t be the focus of my life. Through my writing I can help others going through their shit. (Again, I got this from a monk.) AND drum roll please…There lies the positive part of having Multiple Sclerosis! I never viewed it in this manner. What about you?

A dear friend told me, ”I have Graves Disease and your webpage has completely changed my way of thinking regarding my disease. I’ll be the first to buy your book! One of my girlfriend’s sisters has MS and I have already forwarded your webpage to her. I love the site and will constantly watch for updates.”
It just doesn’t get too much better than that!

When you walk into shit (your MS) never wash it off your shoe. Instead, bring it home and walk out back and dig it in your garden.

Thus, MS (your shit) becomes fertilizer for something to come!

Unspeakable heartache can become the fertilizer for something great. It’s happened. So, what are you going to do about it? The earthquakes, the Tsunamis, the floods, the wildfires, the tornadoes, the hurricanes… all horrendous. What are we going to do about it? I know easy to question, hardier to live. But what’s the alternative?

MS is not the whole of me. I was so busy complaining about it infringing on my life, I forgot the lesson. The question remains. What am I going to do about it? I can exercise the essence of me. I can incorporate it into my daily routine. I can take a Spanish class. I love exercising. I can modify. I can take my meds. I can reach out to those who need a smile. I can volunteer.

Multiple Sclerosis is my fertilizer. What’s yours?

But more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

Next year as you are devouring your delicious fruit you can remember just what you are eating!!! (I got this from a monk!)     In using the profanity the monk and I just want to shock you and really drive home the point in a way you are less likely to forget!

Que le vaya bien!