I just recently came down off my whole diet kick since my Miracle Diets post. My newfound nutritional regime lasted all of twelve days! The routine just wasn’t very practical for my lifestyle or energy levels. Then on top of that I attended a Brain Fair that fell under the conventional medical paradigm. This means they were pushing exactly the opposite of what I was trying to do. Which was to fight M.S. with nutrition instead of medication. Well, I guess you know the doctors said at best, “It can’t hurt!”

The doctor’s opinions kind of rained on my parade but I know they wouldn’t be expected to say much else. It doesn’t matter because for me the Wahls diet turned out to be a bust. It’s fundamentally based on eliminating carbohydrates and dairy, while eating a plethora of organic fruits and vegetables. Though this particular diet may have boosted the immune system of many of its followers I had to painfully let go of that dream. It hurt so much because for a minute it had shed a little hope on my situation and I was excited. I thought I had found the next best thing to a cure!

I’m not blaming the diet for this but I haven’t been feeling fit this week. It’s probably due to my subsequent depression (Funk). Well, that plus the fact that I have a bladder infection also known as your common UTI (urinary tract infection). I’ve talked before about how they negatively affect me. So excuse me if I lack luster.

When I first learned about the Wahls diet and heard Dr. Terry Wahls’ story I felt empowered and full of hope. I actually went to Whole Foods and spent a crazy amount of money on a refrigerator full of foods that I may not even eat, but that’s the way I normally do things. I get all excited and jump in head first without considering much else.

At least this time nobody got hurt! That is, except my pocket.