I don’t know how I would be able to manage this horrific disease if I didn’t have so many beautiful people in my life. I receive so much love and support and I would like to thank my family, friends, and Internet buddies for all their encouragement and assistance. I wrote these words especially for you.

You always see the smoke before the fire
When my spirits are down you lift them higher

You remember for me when I forget
You steady the needle before you inject

You talk for me when I can’t speak
And hold me up when I am weak

You stand for me when legs will not
Just hearing your laugh makes the pain stop

You’re my best friend, my shinning star
When I need help you’re never too far

You say you understand when I know it’s a lie
But I appreciate your empathy it helps me get by

You still ask my opinion when a decision is made
Even though my past judgments should make you afraid

You’re always there anytime of day
When I reject everyone you come anyway

I hear you cry when you think I’m not there
You carrying my burden just isn’t fair

Despite all my moaning, complaining, and strife
You still keep me in your life

This disease is so very hard to live with alone
You have embraced when most would disown

Thank you family and friends for all that you give
I will be forever grateful for as long as I live