Content provided by: Jennifer Digmann of Dan and Jennifer Digmann

We are a month into the New Year and I’m curious: How are your resolutions for 2014 holding up? Are you still sticking to that new diet? Or are you hitting the gym as much as you had planned? What about those nasty cigarettes? Still not smoking, right?

Well, if you’ve kept your resolution, CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go!! But if you haven’t been able to stick to them, please stop beating yourself up. According to the New York Times, four out of five people who make New Year’s resolutions will eventually break them. In fact, a third won’t even make it to the end of January. Does that make you feel better? You are not alone.

By chance did you see this AT&T television commercial? Cute ad and cute kid, don’t you think? Certainly I’m not advocating skipping resolutions altogether in favor of eating jellybeans, but I think the little guy makes a good point.

What if instead of making a New Year’s resolution, we all decided to go the way of a New Year’s revolution?

Perhaps your revolution would be to focus on your whole self more; you could pamper yourself a little. Or focus on your well-being. Instead of dreading those doctor’s appointments, you could celebrate how you are better managing your health.

And speaking of your health, what if you didn’t let Multiple Sclerosis steal one more moment of joy and happiness from your life.

This is exactly what a revolution should be, right? After all, defines a revolution as a sudden, complete or marked change. So instead of giving this disease anymore of yourself, you take back your control. What a revolution, indeed!

What about you? How are you going to start your MS revolution?

Content provided by: Jennifer Digmann of Dan and Jennifer Digmann