My only relief from MS is when I sleep. In my dreams I almost never have MS. Everything is “normal” again. During my latest dream something different happened. Not only myself but also everyone I came in contact with had MS. It seemed so real. That dream got me thinking if everyone in the world had MS, would we treat the disease differently?

Would normal workdays be 4 hours instead of 8?
Would there be vending machines selling Avonex and Betaseron?
Would it be acceptable to be tired after only being awake for two hours?

Would everyone sprinkle Gilenya on their food like salt?
Would insurance companies consider MS medication as preventive treatment?
Would Tysabri have a mascot like Mickey Mouse in order to appeal to kids?

Would there be cheap over the counter MS drugs?
Would neurologist and optometrist be seen as more important than cardiologist?
Would the National MS Society receive funding from every country’s national budget?

Would medical marijuana be legal?
Would 20/20 vision be atypical and not the norm?
Would there be IV steroid treatment centers in every neighborhood?

Would every building be handicap accessible?
Would Novantrone be available in convenience stores?
Would we have liquid forms of Copaxone and Rebif instead of injections?

If every billionaire, prince, king and president had MS would we have found a cure by now?

Just asking.