I feel as if I’m writing today with a imaginary gun pointed at my head. Ironically, I say that because I’ve finally reached a point in my life where things are okay. Well, I’m embracing my limitations.

So, with that being said I did’t feel I had anything to share. I’m happy. Who wants to hear about that??? It’s sad, but my most popular posts are never the upbeat ones! My husband on the other hand really wants me to keep writing. In fact he is acting as if it is detrimental to my continued well-being and also this marriage! How about that? He says I don’t do well without having something constructive to contribute to.

Now, in the past this may have been true. But I refuse to admit this to him.

Meanwhile, I have finally started reading a book another blogger at Diva on Detour recommended to me some time ago. It is called “You Are Not Your Illness”.

It took me so long to open it up because deep down I really did believe I was my illness. I had trouble seeing it any other way. But I love some of the lessons I’m gaining from this book. One of the very first things I read is that God has chosen me for this journey. I never thought about it like that. It was always, “Why me?” But to hear that I was chosen seemed to shift responsibility back to me. Meaning, I can do the best that I can with this and possibly even help others out there in similar situations.

It’s funny that I would say that, because that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’m just tired that’s all. Just tired.