It’s amazing how life unfolds. Look away and it can become
something you never would have imagined.
My nephew is 8. I have been preoccupied with him knowing I wasn’t
always in a wheelchair. Stupid. I know. Anyway, what if I was?

I feel bad when I can’t keep up. I just realized he could care less! He knows me for who I am now. I guess that’s the important thing. My physical background doesn’t matter. It’s not a factor.
In an instant I feel silly. He shows me that it doesn’t matter. I’m spending the weekend with my parents. He happens to be visiting for the summer. Lucky me!

He came and woke me up this morning. Cute. It must be love. We had an extensive conversation about Batman and Robin. We watched Karate Kid. The same movie I use to watch with his mom. Back then we had to have seen it at least 1,000 times! I’m surprised the tape still works. I’m surprised my parents still own a VCR.

No. Wait. No I’m not!

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff DWTS

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff DWTS

Ralph Macchio? Dancing with the Stars? No worries. I voted for you!

Back to the movie, as soon as the credits began to roll my nephew said, “Tee, you want to watch it again?”

I’ve watched Karate Kid 1,002 times.

P.S. My nephew says Robin is better because he’s a teenager.

Can you tell?