I went to see my neurologist. I’ve mentioned before how these visits are usually stress-ridden experiences, which again makes no sense, because at this point I AM living what was formerly my worst nightmare. Put in a different way, this horrendous dream has become my present day reality! Mind-blowing!

Ankle-foot orthosis: A brace (usually plastic) worn on the lower leg and foot to support the ankle, hold the foot and ankle in the correct position, and correct foot-drop. Abbreviated AFO. Also known as a foot-drop brace.

This visit my imagination was equipped with potential neurological instruments that I envisioned propelling me back into the land of  “the walking.”

These Bioengineered devices  like the WalkAide and the NESS L300 are legitimate, just not for me…not right now at least.

I’m the kind of lady that salesmen love. After all, I am a nurse with a sales mentality!

Okay, don’t fret. I still stand by my mantra of accepting new “normals,” but that doesn’t make things easier or smoother. (Click here.) Remember, it’s the transition into that normal that is the hardiest.

When I asked the doctor how many white splotches. I had on my brain and spinal cord and he responded with, “too many to count!”

I thought I would lose it right there on his exam table!

In the midst of my impending full blown mental breakdown, my husband once again pointed out, “The only difference between today and yesterday is the fact that you now know.” This is his go to rationalization, as he used it 11 years ago the day I was first diagnosed too!
Worked then and saved the day today too!

Which once again in an odd way, if right now I’m living with MY worst nightmare recently known as, “too many lesions to count.”

I guess I’m tolerating this new normal quite tenaciously.

Who knew?

AFO (ankle-foot orthosis)

My first AFO (ankle-foot orthosis)


The beginnings of my custom AFO.

The finished product...neat color! Ya think? This IS my new normal.


Dr. Jesus Lovera of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, La