It’s challenging when situations arise and the best thing you can do is…do nothing at all.

We are in the middle of moving from our apartment to the condo we just bought. Things actually, went fairly smooth. My husband did most of the packing and we hired a moving company to transport our furniture and possessions. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle I felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we had. Then my husband reminded me that we basically have the same amount of stuff now as we had three years ago when we moved in our apartment. We live humbly.

Slowly, I realized what the real problem was. The last time we moved I could physically help out and now, riddled with multiple sclerosis, I cannot. Three years ago, I could actually pack boxes and lift a few things and function independently in general.

I begin feeling like a useless shell of my former self. My husband saw my impending mental collapse and gently pushed me toward the things he knew I could handle. I changed our mailing address online. I took care of the electricity and cable needs with a few phone calls. I coordinated with a contractor to help us modify a bathroom. I met with the condo manager to ensure the condo association was on board. These things made me feel relatively useful and temporarily fulfilled.

We moved from an apartment to a condo.My feeling of accomplishment was temporary because by the time we were in the new place among piles of boxes and scattered furniture I became a prisoner in my own home. I couldn’t safely hobble about nor use the scooter. I was a walking, no pun intended, fall risk. This frustrated the hell out of me!

Again, I fell forward… right into my computer. Not literally, although that very well could have been the case. I mean I found something I could do. Talk to you guys! So I sat back chatted on Facebook and Twitter and let my husband take control of the moving process.

Later I began feeling silly for basically just feeling sorry for myself.

I realized that I have better things to do.