“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” ~ Phyllis McGinley

I make my life look so pretty on Facebook but the ugly truth is most days are a struggle. My biggest difficulty is trying to find some leisure pursuits that keep me entertained. But the main impression these activities have on my life is the ability to take my mind off the MonSter. They are excellent diversions. And a good distraction can be such a great escape.

So with your help, I need to find a new hobby.

Currently I read books, watch TV, and write blog post. I enjoy all these activities but would love some suggestions on a new pastime. I am asking you because you understand my limitations. I use a wheelchair and scooter to get around. Most people think those contraptions confine me. To some extent that is true. But I’ve learned to function very well with the help of those aids. So despite my appearance, my wheelchair is not my main source of restriction. My biggest vulnerability is fatigue. The problem is, when I’m tired, I’m so very tired. Because of the extreme exhaustion, my abilities are curbed and my choices for hobbies are diminished.

I am 40 years old. I still have an active spirit. I’ve never been excited doing puzzles or sitting around taking it easy. So I need your help. What are some of your suggestions? Any good movies or television shows I can watch? Do you recommend any books? Is there anything unusual you enjoy doing like laughter yoga?

All ideas are welcomed.