The presentation below illustrates my experience after my first dose of the MS pill, Gilenya. After a couple of doses, I had to change the time of day I take the pill from morning to night because it makes me extremely tired. As you can imagine this can be fairly problematic if you plan on getting anything done during the day! After reading my gilenya literature, I now know this little pill isn’t going to jump start me walking again. My expectations are more realistic.

I understand that truly as a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis doctors really don’t know what the effects will amount to. I just don’t want to get worse. That’s why I continue to fight. That being said I’m not going to be quick to abandon this pill. Like George Bush, I will stay the course!

I’m not promoting Gilenya. I’m just telling my story.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Pill Gilenya-Part 2