In the midst of a rather ironic dream, I mutter,

“What’s that noise?”

“It keeps getting louder.”

“Oh, It’s the alarm clock.” Irritated, because I haven’t set the alarm clock in over 2 years; against my own will, of course!


I start fumbling now to at least turn it off. Two problems. I didn’t quite remember how to do that and the proficiency of my fine motor skills was questionable.

I’m still scratching the alarm. Tommy awakes and offers a customary cynical response, but he wasn’t complaining about the alarm. He was cracking a joke about my lack of knowing how to turn the alarm off.


I didn’t get it. Why wasn’t he complaining about the alarm?

I took a minute to get my bearings together, and then I remembered! The alarm was set for the National MS Society, Louisiana Chapter MS WALK! Yayy!


I manage to turn the alarm off.

“I got to get up!” (It’s crazy to witness your life priorities totally change.)

We made it to the WALK, parked and started snapping pictures and talking to whomever would engage me. Abruptly, I was full of gratitude and awe. It’s hard to phantom so many people out here walking for loved ones with the same disease I fight daily.

I met this one lady walking for her newly diagnosed daughter. She began asking me how I was doing. Moments later, her glance reminded me of my mom’s when I first got diagnosed. She embodied a look of pure concern and heartfelt worry. I just may be full of myself (totally possible), but I think my spirited jovialness comforted her in some way. Besides, for any newly diagnosed person the wheelchair is their worst nightmare. Here I was posing the contrary.

After, we left the WALK it was off to Laughter Yoga! Yes Laughter Yoga. It’s been on the local news. It’s great and there is science behind it. I know you remember endorphins and things from school.

There is a focus on breathing, but that’s the only similarity with mainstream yoga. The rest of the time we are just laughing. They say the benefits you get from laughter are the same regardless if it sincere or not. The class were at Life Yoga New Orleans.

As a part of my own denial process I insisted on standing as long as I could, but to my chagrin, shortly afterwards I was face down on the cement. Everyone quickly rallied to my side, lifted me up, and I said, “I laughed so hard I fell to my knees.” Then everyone followed suit and let off an honorary round of laughter for me!



More mingling


I love this!