I would love to say one day, “I used to have MS.”

But since that’s not going to happen… at least not this weekend, I think I will stick with reality.

In my quest to escape multiple sclerosis, I’ve been weighing the possibility of getting a Baclofen pump implanted in my abdomen to combat my tight leg muscles. According to the Baclofen pump website,“This technology is to loosen overly tight muscles. The key is a surgically placed pump that continuously delivers medication to your spinal cord fluid.”

Sometimes my legs are like logs and then others times they are “normal”. When they are log like it can be pretty grueling to accomplish everyday tasks. Making it to the restroom on time is more difficult and getting in and out the bathtub is nearly impossible.

In my dream world, I’ll get this pump that delivers a muscle relaxant and then with a little strength training, I’ll be able to walk with a walker again. I just don’t know if that’s how it actually works in the real world. In all likelihood I’m probably not stiff enough for this therapy. Also, I’m not sure if Medicare covers it.

The truth is, my muscles are too weak for walking so tight legs may not even be the main problem. I am currently taking the Baclofen pills so I may just stick to the oral medicine.

Either way, the one thing I’m sure of is that there’s no escaping MS.

But that won’t stop me from trying.

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