This brings back memories!

One of my best friends recently emailed me a picture of myself. Multiple Sclerosis was nowhere to be seen. As I continuously stare at the photo I remember that time in my life. It wasn’t that long ago, but M.S. tends to age you!

She’s not carrying a burden.
She’s not hiding.
She’s not tired.
She’s happy and content. I remember her. This personalizes what my therapist has been trying to get me to come to terms with. That is, I am so much more than multiple sclerosis. I have hobbies, talents, friends, and a supportive family that supersedes M.S. and its effects.

I’m out of the Cave of Pity. I guess I was in there for about two weeks.
A visit from some family members was the final catalyst that compelled me from my depressive state of mind. To top it off they brought me a wonderful bouquet of roses!

Thanks. 🙂

We sat, reminisced, laughed and just did the things that families do. All the while, two of my family members are combating their own health ninjas. At times, I recognized the subtle downward glances and stillness. I heard unspoken words. But also heard strong voices and felt their capacity to care for me. I saw their personalities shining through. Although, our disease processes are very different, there are some commonalties we share. I recognize and respect both the unanimity and variances of our situations.

Their visit reminded me that regardless of inopportune circumstances, life still goes on. The important thing is how you respond to adverse situations.
Can the essence of who we are continue to persist despite…?? I am beginning to believe it can.