I have a few minutes to spare between my TV shows.I catch myself sitting here smiling. You should see me. I walk to the mirror to check things out and yep, there it is! A grin from ear to ear!

My life is drastically different, but I’m trying to dig deep and make it work. Some days suck. Some days are at best tolerable. Then, some are good. I think today, I’m excited about the new mountain-bike wheels I ordered for my wheelchair. Funny huh? Wait. I also got a $70 gel cushion for the seat too! I need both to tackle the rugged roads of Magazine Street so we can “shop, wine, dine and relax in the heart of New Orleans”. Then, navigating through the French Quarters is strenuous for any driver and tricky for my bottom. I’m pimping my ride!

Better ride on rough streets, but higher maintenance.

Streets of New Orleans.

As I think back over the years, I’ve come such a mighty long way. I can vividly remember Maryland 2009. Tommy and I leaving the apartment to purchase my very first wheelchair. The chair that I didn’t think I needed. Tommy literally carrying me up/down 3 flights of stairs wasn’t proof enough! It would be my first overt consequence of MS.

Minutes away, we drive to the D.C. medical supply store; Tommy piggybacked me to the entrance. If you haven’t seen me for a while, picture a grown woman being toted down a busy street in our nation’s capital. This was humbling to say the least. I hated that. Grateful, but I hated it. My denial is going to throw my husband’s back out.

We got to the street in D.C. Parked. Paid the meter. Tom carried me half a block and we entered the store. I got down embarrassed and disheveled while Tom was tired and sweaty. I hesitantly browsed several options. It was getting late. We didn’t have much time or energy to bargain shop. So the salesmen and I begin to discuss ordering the chair I really had my eyes on. Perfect.

The shop owner and I turned to face an aggravated Tommy. He calmly gritted his teeth, patted his forehead and nearly grunted, “No, we are getting something T-O-D-A-Y.”

Well, back to the moment at hand, hopefully my wheels will be
here tomorrow.