Since I’ve gotten Thelma, my scooter, it has definitely brought about a renewed feeling of independence. Yet, another thing I am very grateful for. My new concern is my legs seem a little weaker. Thank goodness I’m going to physical therapy Wednesday. The therapist will be able to evaluate me. Although, I wasn’t moving that great with my walker in the first place. That’s why I got the scooter!

You see during my hiatus from physical therapy I think I might have been over doing it at the local wellness based gym. I feel so comfortable and at ease there. It is located next to a retirement community. When I go in the morning the gym is filled with older people who are moving at my pace. I see the different machines and get excited. I try as many as I can and then, in less than an hour unfortunately, I’m exhausted for the week! No kidding! I’ve got to find a way to incorporate physical activity into my lifestyle or I will just go crazy. It’s hard because while I’m physically doing the exercise I feel fine. Tricky, right? The effects usually hit the hardest the next day.

Also, I’m currently taking Gilenya but I’m not sure of its efficacy. Don’t worry I’m not going to switch to something else this soon, but dang it I thought I would see more improvement by this point. Okay, it hasn’t even been six months. I know I’m being my usual inpatient self. Somethings just don’t change as easily as we would hope!

At first I was nervous about getting a scooter but now I LOVE riding it! It disassembles simply and can fit right into our sports utility. My biggest worries are keeping the wheels clean so as to not dirty our carpet! Now you can’t beat that.

Needless to say when I do return to therapy I’ll have Tommy, my husband, push me in my wheelchair. My physical therapist didn’t really want me to get a scooter in the first place!

My mama always said I was stubborn!