Sex has been on my mind for a while now. So I figured I’ve blogged about urine and bowel issues, why not follow up with sex????? Natural transition, right? No not at all. Don’t worry; I’m not actually going to talk about the act of sex. I’m going to focus on how MS has affected my capacity for sexual feelings or my sexiness to be clear.

At first, I was just so spastic. My legs wouldn’t cooperate. Now that I have muscle relaxants, I’m a tad bit more limber but I don’t feel desirable. After all, my husband helps me with things one normally wouldn’t want any man to be present for, much less help out. I know I’m blessed to have him around but honestly how much of this can we take? I always harp on the activities Multiple Sclerosis has stolen from me but I forgot to mention my sex life. That part of me is somewhere between my walker, wheelchair, scooter and shower bench!

I just don’t have the energy to get “cute”. You know to go the extra mile from presentable to attractive. I think people don’t really look at me that way in a wheelchair. It stinks not being at eye level. I try to shake things up and actually dress like a 37-year woman. We also try to live that way too. Well, as much as we can. I know there are things my husband loves to do together that I just can’t do anymore.

Most mornings all I can do is simply get dressed. Makeup has been a casualty of this war and high heels are impossible for me to wear. I do pride myself on weekly visits to the beauty salon. I get my hair styled and a pedicure with hubby waiting patiently by my side. It’s funny, because I want to at least try to be seductive. But sometimes even with the hair and nails complete, I don’t feel like the diva I think I used to be. I do my best not to take him for granted. I wear dresses and cute sandals as often as I can but my shape is not where it was before this despicable disease. I remember him telling me my legs were his favorite body part of mine. I wonder what it is now? It’s surely not these wobbly stumps I have today.

But despite all of my MS faults, my husband still tells me how nice I look. Now, I just need to convince myself.

That’s the hard part.