Something New

I stepped out and had fun.

The other day I was trying to do something very simple like turn the light on or something.

Oh, yes! Now I remember. I was trying to put my skirt on or in other words trying to simply dress myself. Not too much to ask for. But, my legs just would not bend. I was about to quit. I was frustrated, defeated…damaged goods. Then, I decided to reluctantly ask for help. This was hard because in my 38 year-old mind I should be able to dress myself. I’m embarrassed that my husband has to help me. I know it doesn’t make any sense; he’s my husband. I just wanted to do it myself. Still I’m blessed to have a husband, especially one that willingly helps me in whatever capacity needed. For that I am thankful and grateful.

Now I need to learn to call him before I allow my level of agitation to rise. Worse case scenario he’ll catch a bit of my poor disposition. Luckily, after only minimal banter, I was dressed and ready to go. I had on a trendy little outfit and my stylish orthopedic sandals. Where I’m I going you ask?

I said before that I’ve been feeling a little lonely and isolated. My social worker suggested I visit a website called I thought it was some sort of dating site at first, but I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t. It is where you can create or join a local group of people meeting up face-to-face who share your interest such as sports, foreign language, or chess players. I went to the event and met some new folks. Who would’ve thought?

For two hours from 2 to 4 PM, MS was not on the menu. I was able to escape my world. I met new friends. Of course I am using “friends” loosely, but who knows what’s to come? First, I joined a local book club a couple of weeks ago and now this!

I’ve stepped out and tried something new.

Author: Nicole Lemelle

My name is Nicole Lemelle. I am a writer, activist and a person living with Multiple Sclerosis. I created My New Normals to educate those who do not understand MS, reassure people with similar plights and inspire everyone to seize command of their lives.

12 thoughts on “Something New”

  1. Nicole, so happy to hear you’re trying something new. Now that you’ve opened up to the possibility of something new, the possibilities will become endless.

  2. Nicole,
    I think it’s super that you take care of yourself…and try new ways to be social….I joined a book group, all friends, last year. Best thing ever for me..what took me so long…?? Best wishes, Toni

  3. Nicole, no matter “where I am” your article is appropo. My “housebound status since July 3” has gobbled up my spirit and stolen the bright side of my personality. You got it; only the dark side remains – not pretty and detrimental to all with whom I interact. I’m either yelling at someone or crying. Trying something new in an emotional/mental way is much needed. My cat is no help to me physically. I have a Church group that has been more than helpful, but nobody does the things the way I do. Do you know what I mean? And then there’s the phone company who really hoodwinked me yesterday. I am so tired of fighting and doing things twice. I realize I am off subject – I just needed to get this off my chest. Maybe somebody can help me who understands. I am worn down. Feeling SO defeated. Thank you, Nicole, for starting this blog and my fellow MS’ers who participate.

    1. hi just jackey. you seem very overwhelmed and unhappy and while this isn’t my blog, i just want to suggest that you relax and let go a bit. it’s okay if someone does it differently. the stress doesn’t seem worth it and maybe you’d have more energy if if you didn’t feel the need to redo things. i also have MS and part of that means letting go of a certain control. it’s not what happens, it’s how you react to what happens. don’t spite your body, mind and soul bc you feel things need to be done a certain way.

  4. I can so relate about getting dressed/undressed. Especially if I’m hot and tired. I too am blessed to have an understanding husband.

  5. Fantastic, Nicole! Good on you. That’s the way to do it- identify a problem (lonely) find a solution ( Way to be a problem solver. Too often we sit with our problems and they continue to grow in our minds. It’s when we actually take action to take control over them that we WIN! Thanks for sharing this great resource. And thanks for always being willing to share yourself with us. I appreciate you.

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