Wow. I’m getting a late start on this post! Thank goodness my editors ( my husband and my close friend ) have not been nagging me! I guess my slow start is because yet again I’m in the midst of an M.S. drug change. My neurologist thinks we need to be a bit more aggressive in my treatment. I agree. I can slowly see myself losing strength and functionality. And the FATIGUE and weakness is unimaginable! Sometimes my husband has to help me bathe! Forgive me if that’s TMI (too much information!).

So needless to say, I’ve been anxiously digging my way out of a little sadness. Something I don’t like to readily admit too! It’s easier to sometime write about though. Changing medications messes with me, because none of the options are fool proof. Don’t get me wrong. I know there is no cure, but can I at least get an injectable (shot) option that will not give me a cancer?!?!? Or a pill that I don’t have to take for the first time in the doctor’s office, because it may dangerously slow my heart rate! Now, that’s scary. In addition, I don’t even think that pill is specifically for my type of M.S., which is Secondary Progressive.

So to deal with this I went to church at the historical St. Louis Cathedral here in New Orleans. It’s the oldest church in the United States. It conveniently overlooks Jackson Square which is next to the Mississippi River and the Jax Brewery Shopping Mall, Washington Artillery Park and shadows the French Market complex. On Saturday late afternoon my husband and I joined the tourists downtown and rolled to church. I have a feeling Tommy suggested this because the Saints play on Sunday!

After, a nice inspirational talk from the priest, we left …and headed to the French Quarter! Funny, huh? What can I say? It’s New Orleans! Within, a few minutes, I looked at my empty lap and asked the dreaded question no woman wants to ask her clueless husband, “Do you have my purse???” He didn’t answer, but I knew my purse had not only my wallet, but also his car keys and wallet as well.

He didn’t say anything, but did a 180 degree turn and we dashed back to the church! To be clear he ran while I held on for dear life! We were both frantic and scared it was gone. I was looking in the crowd to see if I spotted it on anyone’s shoulder, female or male! I managed to mumble at least it was in a church. Tommy didn’t crack a smile.

Which medicine do I take?

We made it back. He was sweaty and I was wind blown.

The priest had my purse!

Everything worked out as it often does. I guess I’ll make the right decision about my medication too. I’ll let you know how it works out!