“There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking support.” – Catherine Zeta Jones

Sometimes I need help navigating this maze I’m living in. At times I feel lost. Lost in the unknown. Lost in a realm of uncertainty.

Sometimes I need help with things you can’t see. Things no one can see. Feelings I barely know are there. When these feelings manifest they can take over my life. Causing not only anger and resentment but also an unexpected sense of physical and mental pain. I try my best to fight back the pain, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.

I’m just so tired of MS right now. Everyday something is being taken from me. My vision, strength, and cognition are all up for grabs. I just want to escape.

But, how do you escape from the demon when it lives inside of you?


Still, I know that somewhere in my sadness there is happiness. I know this because some days I feel rich even in the midst of my pain. I have discovered that happiness comes from within. On those days that I find happiness, the pain disappears. I just need help reaching that point.

I need help getting to the other side of the pain.