I am on a constant quest to get out of my immediate surroundings. I am not having any problems, I just seek to get the most out of my life experience regardless of my physical limitations. In fact, I think it is the limitations I live with that have chiseled out the new me.

Just recently, with the help of my psyche, I joined a local book reading club. The club is located at my local library, which happens to be fairly close by my home. I can actually take my scooter and ride a block to the library by myself. That after all was the original intent. But the idea of heading there alone was a bit scary as most things are with me these days. Because I get so weak so fast and my varying cognition issues I’m afraid I will not be able to handle unforeseen precarious situations. Also the older I get, the less willing I am to veer off by myself. My inner self said that there are plenty things she wouldn’t do now that she would have been more than happy do when she was younger. So maybe it’s a sign of maturity. I’ll take that.

Well the book club has chosen to read an inspirational book geared toward young men. It’s called “Letters to a Young Brother” by Hill Harper. It’s not a book I would’ve chosen on my own. But I figured it might help me relate to my young nephew in an uplifting manner. A friend once told me, I could have a positive influence on my nephew that had nothing to do with multiple sclerosis. I took that and ran with it.

So you could imagine how happy I was to see the underlying current of this book was one could be “unreasonably happy” in life. I think that is a pretty awesome goal to shoot for every single day regardless of your life circumstances.

Unreasonably happy…I like that.

Now if only I could conquer this darn fear.

“Nothing tangible and outside of {myself] can be the source of happiness.” -Hill Harper

Hill Harper