For as long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by the self-help genre. It started when I was younger with diet and exercise. Now it’s years later and I have delved into just about everything under the sun. I guess I’ve always been trying to “fix” myself. This started way before the dawn of Multiple Sclerosis. It’s hard to believe but I find that kind of comforting.

I’ve looked for help from Jesus to Dr. Phil to Buddha and everyone in between. My family kindly makes fun of this. I use to literally copy chapters out of the newest book I was reading and mail them to my sister. I guess that’s why she avoids checking her mail to this day. Or is that a bit self absorbed on my part???? As a matter of fact, I just I sent a Buddhist email to my mother. Some habits die hard. Something is gonna have to give or I may just alienate my entire family!

Anyway, as I was reading my latest guru they suggested accepting or welcoming each moment as it comes. As a matter of fact, they even boast considering misfortune as a blessing. Even in the context of M.S.? As I continued reading it said that ALL adversity should be considered. So, I guess the answer is yes. Imagine that? Life just goes on…no matter what’s happening with us inside. So, in the midst of my unpredictable debilitating chronic progressive disease or maybe even your situation, life doesn’t acknowledge either one of them. That doesn’t seem fair! Can I at least get the benefit of the doubt?

I guess the best thing we can do is work around our problems and move on however we can.

Is that it? Because through all my reading I certainly don’t know.

Like they say, “I’m a work in progress.”