“When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.” ~ Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Most people have no idea what you are going through. They can’t see your pain. But I see it because I’ve been where you are. They think you’re crazy. They say it can’t be that bad. But I know there’s a MonSter living inside of you. I believe it. I understand.

Sometimes it takes you to a scary place. I’ve been there too. Trapped in a dark room, behind a locked door in a murky part of my mind. Kneeling on sore knees. Staring out a keyhole, straining to see some light. Searching for an escape but being distracted by blurry vision, fatigue and foot drop.

I know you are asking how did I get here. The day the MRI revealed your fate, you did everything right. You reorganized your life. Regular doctor appointments, healthy eating and exercise became a norm. You said to everyone, “I have MS. MS doesn’t have me”. You hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. But when the worst happened, you couldn’t think. You couldn’t breathe. You were numbed by the reality. And now you are not sure what to do.

But don’t worry. I’m here to help you. Grab my hand and focus on me. I’ll be your light. Shining a path to a little relief. Together we’ll beg the universe for deliverance from the madness.

I’m not claiming to have a cure. But I can answer questions and I will never lie to you. I realize having MS is a rough reality. But I also know the truth is the smoothest thing that can touch your skin. And acknowledging the truth will reveal a life full of miracles.

So let’s talk and laugh about this crazy journey. We’ll curse the MonSter until its dead. We’ll be silly and dream of being in outer space. Soaring where stardust floats visions in our minds of living MS free. We’ll rejoice in the splendor of being alive. And chuckle at memories that feel like feathers falling from heaven tickling our souls. This grand hallucination of hope will provide you with the strength to cope. And every time you think of me it will be a blissful reminder that, you are not alone.