Sometimes it’s nice being amongst those who can sincerely relate to and understand me.

Despite the sun sucking the energy right out of me at 85° Fahrenheit, I sat outside a local park coffee shop for an hour and a half and mingled with a newfound friend. She just may have thought I was drunk because I was so giddy to be in her company.

She’s actually the group leader of my local MS support group. I’ve been complaining about being lonely and bored. Lately I’ve felt confined to this condo. Once its newness wore off reality set in.

Thanks to the quasi independence my power chair affords me, I can continually visit the lobby, the mailboxes, and the sitting area. I’ve befriended just about all the employees in the building. I wonder if when they see me they say, “Oh my here she comes again.” Regardless, I love getting dressed and yelling to Tommy, “I’ll be back soon!”

I am beginning to almost physically feel the degrees of separation between my closest friends and I expanding. It’s no ones fault. It’s just a function of time, proximity and the business of life. I mentioned I was bored and lonely in my monthly MS support group meeting. The next day the leader called me up and invited me out for coffee! What a trooper.

At the park

Don’t get me wrong, horseback riding and Tommy are great. I just need more female camaraderie. The point is sometimes you’ve just got to go out and get what you want for yourself. And that’s exactly what I did.

In turn that makes me feel…well…PROUD!!!

Plus my sister is coming back in town Friday. It can’t get any better than that.