I’m so excited!!!

I recently went through a free trial run of a technology that could help me with walking! Albeit, at this point it’s gonna have to be walking with a walker. I have less balance and stamina then I’ve had in the past. These days though walking around my apartment would be welcomed, so boy am I hopeful! Some would tell me to “calm down”(I hear that a lot more than I would like).

I know it’s risky to bet all my chips on black. I’ve been doing it for years. One of two things happen. Either I get what I want or I end up sobbing in the bathroom. The latter seeming to be far too common.

Paying for this latest treatment seems to be the question now. Insurance or Medicare being the obvious answer, but I heard Medicare doesn’t cover it and my other insurance already denied the claim last year. It’s that I finally got a chance to actually try it out. I just need to work on my balance issues. I wonder if physical therapy can address that? I guess first I need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

You see I always stumble on these things that I think will be absolutely life changing. The answer to all my problems. I get so amped up. So ready to dive in full force. I’ve been like this even before Multiple Sclerosis was in the picture. But at least I get it honestly from my father. Even my sister has it too!

The product representative said the MS Society offers grants to help pay for this walk technology. Before I apply for aid I need to get a prescription from my doctor and ask his opinion on the device.

Meanwhile, please forgive me if I seem anxious. It’s because, I’m so excited!!!