If there is one thing I miss from my former lifestyle is my effortless capacity to create connections. I made numerous connections through work and social interactions. When MS entered my life, my ability to work was limited and public exchanges were slashed. I was not able to maintain the same level of links to the outside world. My life seemed to become more isolated. MS was truly killing my ability to make connections.

In 2009, I discovered that the internet was a great way to create and foster contacts. Before then, I never knew that so many people shared so much of what I feel and experience. And guys that is so comforting to learn. I am sure this is a mutually beneficial relationship that was spawned and for that I am grateful. I find reassurance in interactions with fellow MSers on various websites. For years I wished that we had a central place to congregate and share ideas. I just learned that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has created a new way for us to network. It’s called MS Connection.

This is such an appropriate time for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to usher in MS Connection because MS Awareness Week is starting March 12th. MS Connection is an online community that helps people make meaningful connections. This is one thing we need so badly because this disease is basically built on a foundation of disconnection that starts in our brains and spills over into our personal lives.

Check it out and make sure you look for me so we can make a true CONNECTION.