I admit life can be tricky for the best (healthiest) of us. But, if you’re hauling around an extra burden named Multiple Sclerosis or any chronic condition the disease can divert the course of not only your life, but those closest to you as well.

Today was a good day. All my health aliments remained still and allowed me to live life! I have to start by saying that I am fortunate to have a mate that continues to look pass this horrific disease and love me despite it. He more than tolerates it. He unpretentiously accommodates it to fit into the daily routines of our marriage.

For a change of pace, I had coffee at a local shop with an old friend! Tommy made sure I was okay and left to tend to his own endeavors. I in turn, dressed myself, combed my hair, and put on make up for a change! As my friend was on her way up to the apartment, I got my walker and door keys and was ready to greet her. I didn’t even take my wheelchair out of the closet because I had pre-planned every step of the outing. My friend made sure the shop was handicap accessible (no stairs) and her truck had room for my walker. She arrived with hugs and smiles and then we left.

My friend, who also happens to have M.S., hadn’t been over to see me in a while simply because she’s been hauling around guilty feelings. We both have M.S. but hers is benign. It stays mostly dormant. She’s actually pregnant and doing quite well. I’m happy she’s doing so great. Yet, it wraps her in a blanket of guilt that her body is managing M.S. better than mine.

During our excursion she got to see that the core of Nicole had not been damaged. I’m still me. We had a great time laughing and just plain catching up. I may walk a little slower or not at all some day. We may have had to carefully plan our outings, but I’m still me.

In the end, the day turned out to be more than just an outing to get coffee.

Tommy got a break, I got to assert some independence, and my friend got to take off her guilt ridden blanket!

Three wins.