A pound of fat is 3,500 calories. My waist can’t afford to have this scrumptious delight. Unfortunately, it happens to be my sandwich of choice! No wonder I can’t fit my favorite shorts! Thanks to MS, I lead a sedentary life style. According to physicians I should be aware of my caloric intake. Keep in mind since the day I was born, I have been weight conscious. I think I was on diet Similac! Okay some would say, “I’m obsessed with my weight.” I don’t agree with this. Like I said I am weight conscious.

Subway? What happened to Jared? Apparently you have to stick to certain sandwiches. I didn’t get the memo. What is this world coming to? I am so disappointed with myself. I even have that book Eat This, Not That. I have the subsequent app on my phone! In fact I purchased it and learned the truth about my sandwich of choice!

The greatest app ever.

It’s funny to think that with everything I have been through weight issues would even grace the terrain of my brain. Strange Huh? But probably what’s even stranger is that it kind of brings with it a certain degree of comforting familiarity. MS has not affected this weight thing. To me, that’s an entity worth celebrating. That is, as long as I still respect my limitations.

For example water aerobics was cancelled today so I happily went to the gym area instead. This in itself is cute because Tommy has to position my legs on several machines. Afterwards he makes sure I safely get back in the wheelchair. Then he continues to my next selected machine. Sometimes I feel fancy and wear my leotard! Members walk by with their walkers look at me and just smile. (They say MS ages your body so I fit in just fine!) I mentioned earlier how once they were congregated around my walker admiring my fancy cup carrier attachment! I felt like the cool kid in high-school!

By the way Dr. Oz says you shouldn’t be eating a foot long of anything. But all that to say….enough is enough, I’m going on a diet!

"Watch what you eat!"